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10 questions about video chat.

Communication is one of the main needs of a modern person. But the working day is arranged in such a way for most of us that we can talk just like that, talk about this only late in the evening, after work. There is a difficulty in choosing an interlocutor. After all, you need to leave the house somewhere. And tomorrow again to work or to study. And now the problem of communication is facing a modern person: I want to, really want to find an interlocutor with whom you can just "fuss" about life, scold someone, praise someone, discuss new films or the latest top film. But at the same time there is no time at all to leave the house and wander somewhere with the goal of just talking. And now it seems that there is no way out. But do not despair. Thanks to modern means and the omnipotent Internet, everyone today can find their ideal interlocutor directly online. The network has so many resources for communication that a modern person does not even need to think about whether to leave home. I want to talk about video chat. Or rather, answer the 10 most popular questions about video chat. So, let's go:

1. What is a VIDEOCHAT?

Video chat today is primarily a resource for communication between different people from different countries. There are, of course, resources that are oriented to one particular language or one particular country. But for the most part, this resource is multinational. Here, people communicate using a video camera. The interlocutors see and hear each other, so the process of communication is very, very similar to meeting in reality. The only difference is that you don’t have to treat anyone with tea 8)

2. What is the difference between VIDEO CHAPTER and ROULETTE from a simple VIDEO CHAT?

There are several types and types of video chats. You can simply select an interlocutor and start a conversation. And you can use the resources of the video chat roulette and make communication more and more extreme for yourself. And for the interlocutor, too. What is extreme? The fact that no one chooses the interlocutor. The interlocutor in this chat is offered quite by accident. You cannot know in advance anything about that person with whom you will communicate during the next moments (or minutes and even hours). Everything is random here: the choice of the interlocutor, the time of communication, the language of communication, topics for communication and so on, so on, so on. This is an attractive video chat roulette for most people who go there just to chat.

3. Who can be a member of the Roulette Video Chat?

In fact, by and large there are no restrictions. Of course, a participant cannot be a person under 18 years of age. Therefore, if a young man or girl is over 18 years old, then WELCOME.The modern ChattRoulette offers many forms of communication. This is communication in a common room, and communication in private, the so-called private communication with the interlocutor. In any case, the participant can be absolutely anyone over 18 years old. There are absolutely no restrictions on gender, political and religious views, and other restrictions besides age. Therefore, people with different interests and levels of development meet here. And it is very, very interesting. Especially when you know for sure that the more you are unlikely to see this person, especially in real life.

4. Paid or free?

Most of the functions on video chat Roulette are completely free. But there are also paid offers. These are, as a rule, additional options that you can choose, or you can choose not to. Moreover, for the most part free communication is enough. So, let's figure out what roulette will be offered for free on video chat, and what is paid.

Here are the free features:

  • communication with a random interlocutor

  • the ability to refuse to communicate with a specific person

  • the possibility of choosing the language of communication and the interlocutor from another country or specific city

    And here are the paid features:

  • Add a random person to the list of regular communication partners

    97 007 transition to a private zone for communication

  • receiving special bonuses from a resource in order to improve the quality of communication

    Of course, there are additional points that on each video chat roulette may vary slightly. But I have listed the main points.

    5. What if the interlocutor does not like?

    In fact, today everything is done so that every visitor of the video chat roulette feels comfortable and confident. But still, not all, far from all communication partners, we may like. Everything is exactly the same as in real life. We like someone and we continue to communicate with this person. And someone does not suit us at all, and I don’t want to communicate with this person. But if in real life it is difficult for us to refuse to communicate with those we don’t like, then online it’s easy enough to achieve what we want. And if you suddenly did not like the person you are talking to, then it’s very, very easy to turn it off. This can be done with a single button called "next." In English, this button is called: "next". It is enough to press this button, as soon as the next candidate for an ideal interlocutor is offered to you for communication.

    Of course, this is all easy and simple. But you also need to be prepared for the fact that you, as an interlocutor, can be turned off. And you can just as well be switched and exchanged for another person.And here you can’t do anything, in fact. So, one single button "next" and voila, you already have a different communication partner in front of the computer screen.

    6. What is “private communication” and how to get it?

    Every Chatt Roulette has several chat rooms. But there are two main ones:

    1. total

    2. private

    Under the common room refers to the entire space of the resource. And here the rules are the same for everyone. Any communication in the common room is random. And the process of communication continues exactly until one of the participants in this process clicks the "next" button. As soon as this button is pressed (no matter by whom), communication will be terminated.

    But there is a pleasant exception to the general rule. It lies in the fact that everyone, if desired, can gain access to a private room. A private room is a special and protected space on the Roulette resource, when communication lasts for as long as you want and for one instant or by pressing a single button, this communication cannot be stopped. Private communication means first of all communication in private where no stranger can penetrate. This communication, when you can afford a little more than in the common room. And it is private communication that is paid on most video chat roulette. In order to invite a specific interlocutor to a private communication zone, it is enough to pay for this communication and voila, the room will be open and the conversation will continue without restrictions. It is this kind of private communication that attracts the majority of visitors to video chat roulette.

    Of course, some restrictions exist here, in the zone of private communication. But for the most part, these restrictions can be read before this privacy zone is paid.

    7. What do you need to communicate in the Roulette VIDEO CHAT?

    Communication, and any (even offline) requires certain means and resources. If we talk about communication in the video chat roulette, then we need certain requirements for funds. In fact, almost every modern person can easily go to the Videochat Roulette website and start communicating with any random person.

    So, here they are, the most minimal requirements for what you need to chat in ChatRoulette:

  • computer with enough power to hold a meeting in video format

  • good quality microphone

  • webcam

    In principle, this is all that is needed to communicate on this resource. Naturally, the requirements for a microphone and a webcam should even be overstated. The microphone must be of excellent quality.A good microphone is a kind of the most important means for successful communication.

    A webcam is also a very important point. A good webcam should facilitate the transfer of pictures and video without slowdowns. Nothing should interfere with the communication of people on both sides of the camera.

    And naturally, the computer itself must be powerful enough so that nothing slows down. So that nothing interferes with communication.

    8. Can I set the search criteria for the interlocutor?

    Video chat roulette is, first of all, a fun pastime. Therefore, it is no secret that every visitor comes here with the aim of having fun and chatting with other interesting people. And the random choice of a communication partner is also quite fun. But sometimes I want to talk, albeit with a random partner, but with certain communication parameters. Therefore, the owners and developers are trying and doing everything possible so that each visitor of the video chat roulette can communicate without problems not just just anyone, but know about who will be offered as an interlocutor. At least approximately. On most resources for video chat roulette today you can choose partners according to the following parameters:

  • age

  • country

  • area

  • city

  • language

  • It is these parameters that are proposed to choose, as they say, the interlocutor on their own. And each visitor of video chat roulette can either take advantage of the right to choose or simply ignore them and start a truly emotional and vibrant online communication.

    9. Why can roulette be banned in the video chat?

    Despite the fact that the video chat roulette is created for communication between people, there is always a danger of being banned. Let’s see what exactly each visitor of this wonderful resource can be banned for. Basically, ban impose on users who violate the following prohibitions:

  • the insulting in any form of honor and dignity of a person. In general, any insult can lead to a ban. Therefore, the basis of any communication on this resource is politeness and mutual respect.

  • advertising of anything. Advertising is prohibited. And it is right. After all, the site was created so that people can talk and exchange opinions, and not listen to advertisements for a product or service.

  • profanity without mutual consent and only in the private zone.

  • spam is also prohibited. Still, I think that no one will like it if they use it only as a platform for spam.The bans are simple and straightforward. If your interlocutor violates them and thereby prevents you from enjoying communication, then you can always complain about it to the project administrator. Actions will be taken very, very quickly. True, if there is one complaint, then an instant ban will not follow. But a warning will be required. If there are several complaints from different people, then the ban can be quick and without any warnings.

    10. Who can benefit from the VIDEO CHAPTER ROULETTE?

    In the modern world, the majority of people are very, very limited in communication. Therefore, resources such as video chat roulette can be not just a way to have fun, but also a training ground. For whom ? For many, many people. For example, this resource may be useful for the following people:

  • for those who are shy about communicating with people in real life.

  • for those who find it difficult to refuse people a request. Here you can just learn how to first switch attention to another person. But this may also be a danger. Indeed, in real life, you can’t just turn off a person and stop talking in a split second.

  • for those who are looking for a soul mate or just learning to communicate with the opposite sex.

  • is simple for those who love and communicate with people.

  • So, whatever one may say, ChattRoulette will always enjoy very deserved respect among many people of our wonderful planet. And this is good. This means that people are still interested in lively communication with their own kind.

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